A Message from Our President

Dear Friends,

An ambition at Holy Family Cristo Rey is to create a sense of gumption, of perseverance, indeed, of grit in our scholars so they are prepared to meet and overcome barriers to college persistence and human flourishing.

This year the school as a whole celebrates our perseverance and grit as we navigate the challenges of the pandemic. Thanks to the preparation of the past several years, especially our Digital Fluency Initiative, we were ready for the transition to virtual education and our scholars did not miss a beat as we met the challenges of keeping our community safe while launching HF Cristo Rey Connect.

The fact that we are ahead of the pack for virtual instruction means we can focus on what comes next. Our commitment to the Cristo Rey mission and the success of Birmingham is unchanged yet how we offer counseling, ministry, and our Corporate Work Study Program is changing rapidly.

Our school, our staff, and our scholars are meeting these changes with creativity and perseverance, and with grit in challenging times. The love of Christ continues to urge us on. Our commitment to our scholars and our community, especially in these challenging times, is leading us to new creative ways to support our community through the power of education and relationship.

I ask that you support us this year.

In Christ,

Fr. Jon Chalmers

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